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... led by Chef Dan Coudreaut, an accomplished and passionate senior culinary executive.

The pursuit of better food should always be the goal, no matter if you are serving on the finest china or in a paper wrapper.

When I was first starting out as a teenager washing dishes at the Home Plate in Ossining NY, I never dreamed my career path would lead me to building and directing the culinary teams at some of the best-known restaurants and hotels in the country. 

As a Chef, I believe a great food experience starts with the best quality ingredients you can afford. Then handle them with love and care, cook them with proper techniques and finally serve with selfless hospitality.

As a Guest, I don’t want to compromise with my hard-earned money. I want fresh food, when I want it, the way I want it and from someone who genuinely cares about my experience. 

As a Businessman, I recognize the very real challenges it takes to deliver on this promise. Of course, we want to delight every guest every time. How do we do this more efficiently, safely, and profitably than our competition? How do we drive the business with speed and predictability? After all, the health of a restaurant depends on it.

At Coudreaut & Associates we have a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in complex food and beverage environments, from fine dining to fast food. We work objectively, shoulder to shoulder with your team to discover actionable solutions and innovations for your unique menu and culinary challenges. We will lead and coach your team in developing the skills to collaborate more effectively and empower them with the tools to drive your menu pipeline and business into the future.

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Culinary Team Development

Talent that's effective & efficient

Building, coaching high-profile and high-performing teams to include chefs, food scientists and nutritionists…from fine dining to fast food… is the cornerstone of Coudreaut & Associates.  Having a constructive outside perspective can be critical in our fast-paced world to avoid group think and to refocus us on what truly drives the business. 

 Coudreaut & Associates will make culinary teams more effective by translating customer insights into real food solutions that fit your operational model…resulting in growth and business success. 


Menu Development

 Consumer Focused Food 

Effective food development begins and ultimately ends with the customer at the 'moment of truth', when they spend their money in your restaurant, not  your test kitchen. We will work holistically with all of your teams to develop actionable and achievable food innovations to drive your business.

Coudreaut & Associates will collaborate with your team to  evaluate and identify menu opportunities.  We will facilitate menu ideation and recipe development sessions ...resulting in a menu pipeline for the future.


Public Speaking

Lights, Camera, Action!  

Chef Dan is a seasoned professional when it comes to delivering a message.  From media events, commercials, board rooms of twelve to an auditorium of thousands, Chef Dan's passion for food and hospitality is contagious. He can deliver the culinary point of view to  educate and motivate your audience.

Coudreaut & Associates will customize presentations for your business priorities.

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